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For Investors

Low Carbon Materials is a growing company.

We are a science-led, purpose-driven, green construction company.
We create world-first carbon-zero and carbon-negative aggregate.

Through collaboration with industry partners and investors we can realise the enormous potential that lies ahead for our product while having a positive impact on our planet. Read on to learn more...

Our vision

We aim to become the world leader in low carbon and environmentally friendly building materials.

We help the construction industry achieve net zero emissions by providing innovative building material solutions that reduce concrete carbon emissions.

Why Concrete?

Concrete is a major contributor to carbon emissions across the world. After water, concrete is the most widely used substance on earth, producing 8% of the planet's CO2.

Our scientific approach has led to the creation of a truly innovative material that can revolutionise the built environment - in the UK and internationally.

Flagship Product - Osto

The carbon negative lightweight material for carbon zero blockwork.

  • Thermally insulating
  • Carbon negative – reducing your products/projects carbon footprint whilst contributing to tackling climate change.
  • x2.5 lighter than traditional mineral aggregates

Discover Osto

osto low carbon aggregate in a form of grey granules with an aggregate concrete block standing nearby
osto low carbon aggregate in a form of grey granules with an aggregate concrete block standing nearby

From our investors

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"Natasha and her team really impressed our specialist Green Angel Syndicate members right from the very first meeting. The Low Carbon Materials approach to decarbonising such a mainstream component of global building materials is very compelling, hence our substantial investment."

Cam Ross, Green Angel Syndicate


“We’ve had the pleasure of working with Natasha, Scott and Phil from the start of the journey, and what impressed us from day one was the mission of the business to fundamentally change the carbon footprint of building materials. With Low Carbon Materials’ first products now launched, we’re excited for the future of construction – a much lower carbon one!”

Richard Charnley, Northstar Ventures

Investment Manager

“ I first met Natasha, Scott and Phil in early 2020; aligned, knowledgeable, intelligent, grounded and motivated to convert the concept of re-using waste in building products into a successful and profitable business positively impacting climate change. One of the easiest investment decisions I have ever had to make.”

Owen McFarlane

Angel Investor

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Why LCM?

Some of the toughest challenges we face affect the environment.
We aim to address that.

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Achieving carbon goals

Carbon quotas are difficult to meet.
We can help industry do this.

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Pioneering solutions

Join the early adopters.
Build history, help our planet.

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Changing together

Together we can achieve more.
Help us drive positive change.

Why invest now?

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Green construction

'Green construction' is a fast emerging sector within construction, offering building solutions for the future, today.

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Net zero drive

Government targets are driving the industry to re-think the building and design process, and the materials used.

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A pivotal stage

From spin-out to start-up and now we embark on early stage growth. We've big supporters, partners and  business plans.

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Shape our growth

We work collectively and collaboratively to achieve more, drawing on a huge pool of expertise. Join in our journey.

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LCM is an Earthshot Prize Finalist in the 'Fix Our Climate' category! Earthshot Prize is the world’s most prestigious environmental prize, established in 2020 by HRH Prince William and The Royal Foundation.

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