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The carbon negative aggregate

The carbon negative aggregate

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osto low carbon aggregate in a form of grey granules

Lower Carbon Emissions

(1) Avoidance
OSTO® is made of waste products that would be incinerated. Low Carbon Materials prevents this waste being burnt which would immediately release harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

(2) Mineralisation
OSTO®  sequesters and stores CO2 in the aggregate, and therefore locks it within the resulting concrete permanently.

(3) Reduction
OSTO®  reduces the reliance on traditional carbon intensive lightweight aggregates, therefore, enables construction firms to replace carbon-intensive materials in their value chain.

Technical Information

Granule Size ~ 0-8mm

Particle Density ~1600kg/m3

Bulk Density ~ 750 kg/m3

Natural Moisture Content: ~ 10%

Weight x2 lighter than traditional mineral aggregates

A technical data sheet can be sent on request

Applications for OSTO®

OSTO®  is a carbon-negative lightweight aggregate with broad application potential, including use in concrete mixes, screeds and resin-bound applications. 

OSTO® can be used in a variety of concrete applications.
One of the most exciting uses is to create carbon neutral medium-dense concrete blockwork.

Customers should check that the product's properties are suitable for their specific application prior to use.

Depending on performance and carbon targets, a notional replacement of OSTO® within bound construction materials is likely to be in the order of 3 to 15%. However, a testing ladder substituting OSTO® for aggregate is recommended to ensure that optimum design is achieved.

Simple Switch
OSTO® can be used as a ‘like for like’ replacement for traditional lightweight aggregates that are normally used in concrete. This ‘drop-in’ solution is a game changer for a hard-to-abate sector like construction as it can greatly reduce the carbon footprint of projects in which it is used with a simple switch.

Earthshot Prize Recognition
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