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A Carbon Negative Aggregate to Lower the Carbon Footprint of Asphalt

A Carbon Negative Aggregate to Lower the Carbon Footprint of Asphalt

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Can be used alongside other carbon-reducing solutions

ACLA® can be easily added into asphalt mixes

5-10% substitution with typical aggregate required to achieve net-zero

A carbon removal technology

Roads, footpaths, cycle paths and more

Achieve net zero asphalt without having to purchase offsets

Carbon Footprint

1 tonne of ACLA® has permanently removed 750kg CO₂e from the atmosphere. This is a cradle to gate (A1-A3) carbon footprint value, meaning it has taken into account the carbon emissions and benefits associated with raw materials and the production of ACLA®.

ACLA® is a carbon-negative aggregate which acts as a permanent carbon storage solution for the decarbonisation of asphalt.

ACLA® utilises the carbon removal technology of sequestration to permanently remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Sequestration is the process where a material captures and stores carbon dioxide to prevent its release into the atmosphere.

Asphalt roads account for over 95% of all UK roads, and 25 million tonnes of asphalt are produced annually (Asphalt Industry Alliance, 2021). Tackling the emissions of asphalt is, therefore, vital for the UK road network to decarbonise in line with the country’s legally binding target of achieving net zero by 2050.

Typically asphalt generates emissions of 30-70kg CO₂e/tonne.

To achieve net zero, 5-7% of ACLA® by weight of the total asphalt mix is likely required depending on the embodied carbon of the mix designs.

Case Study: LCM Drives Net Zero Innovation in Construction

In a breakthrough moment for sustainable road construction, Low Carbon Materials (LCM) has partnered with Durham County Council and MGL Group to deliver County Durham's first-ever net zero asphalt scheme. LCM is at the forefront of this challenge, providing innovative material solutions that can counteract the emissions associated with the production of carbon-intensive asphalt. 

ACLA®, LCM’s carbon-negative aggregate, was used by MGL Group to produce 220 tonnes net-zero binder course asphalt, which was laid as part of the Elvet Hill Road resurfacing project in Durham. The success of Durham County Council's net zero road resurfacing scheme at Elvet Hill Road highlights the transformative power of collaboration between local government, and industrial innovators like LCM and MGL Group.

Real-World Application of Net Zero Technology
LCM's carbon-negative aggregate (ACLA®) was seamlessly combined with local limestone and recycled materials including waste plastics, rubber, and Recycled Asphalt Planning (RAP). The adoption of a circular economy approach reduces the amount of waste going to landfill and diminishes the impact of quarrying on the environment. MGL Group's in-house companies played a vital role in this project: Tynedale Roadstone produced the net zero asphalt, and Rainton Construction handled the expert laying of the material. 

Measurable Results and a Path Forward
LCM's carbon-negative technology is a game-changer for road construction and maintenance, and its implementation in this project, for the first time, demonstrates a clear commitment to a sustainable and low carbon future for infrastructure development. By leading the way with net zero asphalt projects, LCM offers an easy-to-implement solution for the construction industry at large. Further resurfacing projects by the same partnership are in the pipeline.

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ACLA® is a carbon-negative aggregate that was developed by Low Carbon Materials which is now being tested with National Highways and Skanska as part of the Accelerating Low Carbon Innovation Programme. It can be used as a replacement aggregate to significantly lower the carbon footprint of asphalt.  

ACLA® can be easily incorporated into a standard asphalt mix.

Due to ACLA® having a lower density than typical aggregates it is estimated that 1.7kg of traditional aggregate should be removed and substituted with every 1kg of ACLA® required.

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